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Patients explain how Sandy can help:

Sandy Demopoulos is a licensed clinical social worker who provides DWI assessments, counseling and treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, and individual and group therapy in White Plains, NY, and surrounding areas. Based in Westchester County, Sandy has assisted people throughout the state of New York. Sandy carries OASAS credentials from NY State and Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) certification from the federal government to provide therapy sessions, assessments, and counseling for those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Programs are tailored to each individual’s needs to ensure the best results and are available both in-person and online. Group therapy  offers a safe, judgment-free zone where individuals can feel comfortable opening up about their addictions or trauma,  and working together to overcome life’s hurdles. Browse these testimonials to see how Sandy has helped countless New Yorkers on the path to recovery.

Read what our clients have to say about our Therapy Services

MB (Verified Teletherapy)

I get a sense of being in a place where I can share sensitive issues. It's such a safe place for worries or concerns about past hardships that I’ve had. It’s incredible. We haven’t even met in person. It’s such a new experience for me. Such a rich experience. We share our pain. It’s amazing how therapeutic it is and how much I like them. You said it would be enlightening but I couldn’t imagine. I find I can associate with every woman in the group on different levels.

Irene (Verified Teletherapy)

I've been a participant in a weekly all woman's group therapy led by Sandy Demopoulos for 22 months. She has showed an exceptional ability to find compatible, compassionate, and motivated individuals whom I can sincerely say I admire, trust, respect and love. Without having this particular chemistry, I doubt the group sessions would be as fruitful. She guides and reminds us to express what we're feeling, and to stay present and in the room as we talk to each other about what we feel in the moment as well as share insights and issues that we're going through during the week. She sometimes offers her own insights, referrals, opinions, suggestions, wisdom. Always appropriate, helpful, sincere, and heartfelt. Over this time period I've gotten more in touch with my feelings and can feel more vulnerable, yet safe to explore whatever's bothering me. I prize the connections I've established with Sandy and my fellow group members. I look forward to continuing to grow with these amazing women. Thanks for doing what you do so well.

Sincerely, Irene

From: K (Verified Teletherapy)

I’ve been participating in Sandy’s Group Therapy for more than a year. It is difficult to describe how or why the group has grown to be so cohesive and supporting of each other, but it has. Maybe it’s the way Sandy creates a space where trusting and being trusted is just expected by every member each week. That trust of each other is there as we listen carefully to what is being shared and give the same amount of attention and support to each member of the group. It's obvious that we care for and about each other. Maybe the fact that I’ve never once missed a group meeting in over a year says it all.

Scott H (Verified patient video visit)

First and foremost, I am eternally grateful for your love, guidance and insight during a critical part of my journey. You helped me in so many ways, but most importantly in uncovering and remembering who I am beneath the trauma. There were many new tools that you showed me, such as don't avoid and lean in, and there were some that you reconnected me with, such as consistently working the steps including taking my daily inventory. I am trying to take care of myself each day in body, mind and spirit. I refuse to betray myself. I am at my lowest weight in 2+ years. My spirit is filled. I am praying, meditating, connected to my sponsor, sponsees, zoom meetings, and one local F2F meeting a week. Again, I am grateful that God allowed our paths to cross. You have left imprints upon my heart.

Colleen C (Verified patient video visit)

In the six months that I have been going to therapy with Sandy, she has helped empower me to thrive by helping me reclaim my value. She not only has offered me consistent support in examining how my past trauma has affected my behavior and patterns but has also provided me with insight and information on how to accept and manage difficult emotions as they occur. She always reminds me that I get to make the rules on how I choose to live my life. Our time together has helped me improve my relationship with others, but most importantly it has strengthened my relationship with myself through a renewed sense of self-worth. I would refer anyone who is struggling.

Paul B (Verified patient video visit)

Thank you very much for all you have done. I appreciate your time, professionalism and words of encouragement.

Kathryn K. (Verified patient video visit)

She was very patient and a good listener.

Lori L. (Verified patient video visit)

She picked up on something no other therapist did, and I have been in therapy since 1984! We 'clicked' immediately, and she made me feel safe. I just hope I can continue to see her since I moved to Florida.

Jane B. (Verified patient video visit)

I cannot recommend Sandy enough. My therapy work with her has been life changing. I spent my life dealing with extreme stress including panic attacks and feelings of inadequacy which basically kept me feeling horrible on a daily basis. I was my own worst critic. With Sandy’s help, I am learning to rethink my unhelpful thinking processes and replace them with healthy patterns and ways of thinking. I am feeling so much better! If you struggle with these same issues, she can help you.

Sean B. (Verified patient video visit)

I have been working with Sandy a few months now and can easily say it’s been incredible. She really listens and gives great advice. She has helped me cope with so much already. It feels like every week I have a breakthrough with her. I highly recommend her to anyone. I’m so grateful to have found her and look forward to our continued sessions.


I have been working with Sandy for about a year and am incredibly happy to have found her. With Sandy's approach to treatment, I can feel progress session by session, and have also gained countless resources to help guide me through times in between sessions. In addition, she is always on schedule for appointments and is extremely communicative and reliable overall---qualities that I've found have been essential to sustained and successful therapy for me. I could not recommend anyone more highly!

Your Road to Recovery Begins by Scheduling a Consultation

Learning to recognize the signs of drug or alcohol difficulties,  and taking the first step to getting help is essential. Sandy Demopoulos works with you to help you achieve your goals. Please contact Sandy Demopoulos today to schedule an appointment for a virtual consultation. It’s easy to see available times for sessions and book an appointment online.