Meet Sandy

My perspective:

I Hear You and I See You. You want the pain to stop, right now.

Don’t worry if:

  • you have tried before and given up
  • you never tried to quit, and are afraid to go without.
  • you are still drinking/using or
  • you quit but life still doesn’t make sense.

I hear you and I see you. I honor your courage.

My passion and energy to do this work comes from seeing people getting better for many years.

Dramatically better in a short time.

I encourage you to try again with my unique, supportive model which helps you reach your goals in a holistic and individualized way. I offer a safe place for you to heal. Alcohol and drugs will no longer run or ruin your life.

Why choose me for Counseling?

You are my boss. I work for you.

Together we will strategize to meet your needs; to tap your strengths; to move you forward toward your goals. It’s all about tailoring a program for you.

My availability and involvement in your treatment is not only weekly individual therapy sessions.

  • You can have family sessions.
  • You can reach me by (secure) email.
  • You can reach me for emergency phone calls.
  • You can send me journal entries (with prompts provided) through a secure online service.
  • You can have me connect with collateral contacts (other professionals involved in your care).

My strengths include:

  • integrity
  • discretion
  • patience
  • honesty
  • dedication,
  • easy manner
  • great listener
  • effective in moving people to action

You can count on me. I hear you and see you.

Why choose me for your DWI or DOT Assessment?

Go to the Counseling Services tab and choose DWI and DOT assessments. Pick the assessment that meets your needs. My office in centrally located in downtown White Plains, close to public transportation and municipal parking. Your evaluation will be completed promptly.

Secure Patient Area

My Qualifications:

  • 30 years of experience successfully treating people with alcohol, drug and mental health issues.
  • Licensed private practice owner
  • Former Assessment Counselor and Coordinator of Dually Diagnosed services at St. Christopher’s Inn intensive outpatient treatment program
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-R)
  • MSW from Hunter College School of Social Work, 2004
  • Masters of Education (M.Ed) from Lehman College in Guidance and Counseling, 1996
  • Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) 1985
  • Conduct OASAS Certified DWI screening, assessments and individual treatment services
  • Drug court treatment provider