The past is over. Imagine if alcohol, drugs, or trauma stopped running your life.

Be Understood. Be Resilient. Reimagine your life.

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Alcohol & Drug Assessment & Counseling in Westchester County

You want the pain to stop now, right now. No matter how hopeless it seems, “impossible” transformations happen for my clients time after time.
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Counseling Services

Have drugs or alcohol taken over your life? Do you want to break free from addiction, but have not experienced any lasting success?  Counseling can provide hope for recovery when everything seems lost.


Did you get a DWI? DUI, DWAI? Arrested for possession? Sometimes we make one bad decision. That doesn’t necessarily mean treatment is required. The road map we build will provide the best course of action to help you get your life back.

Sandy Demopoulos, LCSWR, Counselor


My passion and energy to do this work comes from seeing people getting better for many years.

Don’t worry if:

  • you have tried before and given up
  • you never tried to quit, and are afraid to go without.
  • you are still drinking/using or
  • you quit but life still doesn’t make sense.

I honor your courage.

I believe you can be dramatically better in a short time.

Your first 30 minute session is complimentary.

Find Sandy’s article for here.

Have Hope

Let this be the LAST CRISIS  alcohol or drugs have caused you. Your bottom can be today. Now. Get help. I work with people as individuals at your own pace. Your life is precious. You deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and with effective treatment by someone who knows what they are doing.

I  have expertise and  specialize in therapy for individuals who are experiencing the pain of addiction, and want to live free. You want that too.

I can provide hope for recovery beyond what you can imagine. Lives change. People who have worked with me have a renewed sense of “Life gets better.” They find new ways to thrive. Healing is so much more than drinking socially or not drinking. Life gets bigger.

The right treatment for you might be a variety of services including individual therapy and/or, group therapy.

Through your treatment process, your unique plan will help prevent relapse into old addictive lifestyle behaviors. In addition to phone contact for emergencies, you are offered secure email and encrypted video sessions.  (HIPAA compliant Zoom)

Give me a call today to schedule your complimentary 30 minute consultation. The consultation can be in my office if you have been vaccinated or by video or phone.

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