OASAS Certified DWI Assessments

What to expect during the DWI Assessment Process:

Sometimes a DWI/DUI or DWAI is based on one bad decision. It is worth noting that not everyone is referred to treatment.

When you come in for an assessment:

Please be prepared for an hour long session. It is helpful to arrive 10-15 minutes before the initial appointment to complete some additional paperwork. Most likely a second session will complete the process.

If you will need the report within a week, it can be arranged. Please be aware there is an extra charge.

Please bring the following:

  • DWI citation.
  • BAC (blood alcohol content) breathalyzer results
  • Driver’s license.
  • A form of payment.

During the assessment process I will be reviewing:

  • Your history of alcohol, drug use and treatment.
  • Your current medical state.
  • Your education and employment status and background.
  • Your mental health.
  • The status of family relationships.
  • Your leisure activities.
  • Your driving record and arrest history.
  • A few questionnaires.
  • Your strengths, needs, abilities and preferences.

If you are diagnosed with a Substance Use Disorder, you will be referred to the appropriate level of treatment.
Admission is on a voluntary basis and you can discharge yourself from the service at any time. No determination is automatic. Every individual is unique.

What now?

Call to schedule. If you do not reach me directly, please leave a message.

  • Have questions about your confidentiality? Your confidentiality is extremely important to me. I will go above and beyond state and federal standards to protect your privacy.
  • Want to email, text or fax? Phone and fax are the most confidential methods of contacting me. My email and phone are encrypted up to and including the latest technology however phone and fax still provide the highest level of confidentiality available.
  • You will not be charged a cancellation fee if you can reschedule within the week.
  • Want to work with me for individual therapy? That is allowable if you choose to do so and if that is the proper level of care for you.

Secure Patient Area